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my teeth didn't want to leave me

especially the bottom tooth. hung on for dear life, he did, with his little hooked feet. in the end, doc had to saw him into a few pieces and wrench him out. :s

top tooth came out a little more willingly, but not without considerable persuasion either. i thought my jaw was gonna crack from all the force doc was using to coax him.

i asked to take them home with me, and they were popped into a little ziplock baggie with bits of my gums still attached. i never knew how stubbornly gums clung to teeth until now - it was a bitch to scrub them clean! i literally had to yank off the gum bits. felt a little wrong to be man-handling my own flesh which wasn't even attached to me. i also saw for myself that i lost a lot of gums today. :(

man, my teeth are huge! how does such a small person grow such big teeth?

and when will the bleeding bloody well stop?

very ouch.

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