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animals in a cup

a cup of noodles, that is. :)

i'm going to be spending the next few days posting backdated stuff (but not actually backdating them because they'd get lost in my own archives...). i also made sure i chalked up a few wonderful meals last week, so i can post them this week. so stay tuned! :)

way back in april, i found the cutest cup noodles in cold storage at takashimaya. cup noodles are great for hunger pangs before bedtime because they're not too heavy a meal, are idiot-proof to make, and are usually quite yummy. i'm not sure about everyone else but i tend to crave something savoury and steaming hot at night, and often pass over stuff like cold bread and biscuits even though they're convenient.

these are darn cute! each animal comes with a different seasoning, and each packet comes with two animals X2. they turn out exactly the same as the picture on the packet and taste pretty good too! the texture of the noodles is springy and they cook evenly in hot water, unlike maggi which sometimes has uncooked bits. but then of course, there is a rather large price difference. :P i've lost the receipt but if i'm not wrong, these nissin ones are about 3 or 4 times the price of maggi ones.

great as a treat for kids! (but watch the msg levels)

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