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crystal jade kitchen

no, i'm most certainly not eating solid foods yet. i'm simply torturing myself by preparing and posting my pictures leftover/saved up from the past few weeks (or months). mostly of food and some of other stuff. :)

now, this set here is to show the world my three favourite dishes at crystal jade kitchen!

crystal jade kitchen has branches at quite a few different locations. i haven't been to all of them, but i feel that the one at great world city isn't quite up to standard in terms of food quality. highly recommend the suntec city outlet. it kicks ass.

the suntec city crystal jade kitchen does the above three dishes to absolute perfection. roast duck slices are succulent and juicy, eggplant and minced meat come savoury and piping hot in a claypot, and the deep-fried squid in spicy salt is ultra-crispy and a joy to sink your teeth into.

unbeknownst to many, this place does a mean plain congee. it looks like boring white stuff, but is in fact cooked with broth so there is a delicate fragrance and flavour. a bowl of plain congee is the perfect accompaniment to my three favourites above.


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