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ichiban boshi

again! i know, i've posted this place at least 4 times on this journal. :P but hey, the food really rocks. and this is still a backdated entry by the way. i'm still not eating much solids yet. :)

it was my pal clay's birthday dinner, back in mid-july. lennon couldn't make it, so it was just clay and the cat. i have been known to him as just 'cat' for the longest time... more than 10 years now. it's amusing how it confuses people to hear him call me 'cat'. they think my name is catherine or cathy or something.

not wanting to risk eating food of unknown quality for this old pal's burpday, i decided that ichiban boshi was a foolproof dining venue.

so, foolproof favourites were ordered and none disappointed. hanasaki ika tempura is basically squid done tempura style. it has become my firm favourite at ichiban, so much so that the staff know me for this. salmon avocado handrolls are the other must-order items whenever i eat here. lobster handrolls are good too, but personally i still prefer the salmon ones. in fact, the salmon handrolls are so good, i'd rather eat two of these same ones than one each of different flavours.

duck with cold soba was quite nice to fill the tummy up with, though i found the duck slices less tender than before. the last dish on the table was the salmon carpaccio, which probably should have arrived first, being an appetiser. but they're forgiven since they're such nice service people and their food more than makes up for it. thin salmon slices melt away in your mouth along with the tang of crunchy onions, a sweet, spicy sauce and creamy mayo.

t'was a truly satisfying dinner. :)

this will be the lunch venue i'm going to miss the most in the office area.


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