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what a thoroughly busy and satisfying day. :) i've been working all day since i woke up and got much ground covered. very satisfying indeed. i'm going to plough on some more, but not before i throw a couple more backdated entries in here. :) (otherwise i will never catch up to present time)

so, we're back in july again. it was yet another terrible day at work and yet another enjoyable lunch to take the edge off. :)

there is only one picture because the rest didn't turn out well. we were comfortably seated in a very cosy (read: dim) area with leather couches and plush seats. very nice indeed. my brother sam ordered a hugeass burger which had bacon, ham, meat patty, an egg, and i can't remember what else... but it was pretty darn good. i had a seafood chowder which came in a yummy bread bowl and a caesar salad. chowder was rich and creamy, and soaked into the bread bowl so you can eat the whole thing. i couldn't finish all of it in the end. caesar salad was... a normal caesar salad. :) can't go too wrong with that unless the ingredients aren't fresh.

i suppose the frequency of these frustration-expulsion-lunches should have been an indication for me to leave the company. well, doesn't matter. i'm in a happier place now and i'm incredibly glad for it.



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