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found my gorilla!

my [gorillapod], that is.

it wasn't easy to find. the only clue i had from my pal V was that a shop in chinatown, either people's park complex or people's park centre, somewhere on the 3rd floor (but may not be on the 3rd floor... ) carries this product. and it's the only place in singapore. if i can't find it, i'd have to order it online.

so i gave it a shot. i found it after 2 hours of going back and forth between these 2 buildings and every floor of each. 2 very difficult hours. it turned out to be on the 2nd floor of people's park complex.

i'm a happy muffin.


interested peeps, go to:

yerme merchandise
people's park complex
tel: +65 6535 4956

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