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mingster's big 28th

i've never had this much trouble getting pictures uploaded, as i did with these ones here. thanks to the new, unscrupulous, profiteering, resizing option (or lack of) on photobucket which limits pictures to the size of compoota screens, instead of by file size. which means, all the peeps who have pictures which are intended for scrolling, are royally fuct and have to upgrade to their pro account. it doesn't cost much, but it's the principle of the whole thing, y'know?

i've uploaded this set to flickr for the time being, after cutting them in halves anyway because flickr also cannot accept images larger than 1024 pixels. bah! and flickr only has 20MB bandwidth a month. so this isn't gonna be my long-term solution.

the livejournal scrapbook also has a limit on size. i can't post my usual-sized collages, they end up being re-sized.

i will consider taking the pro account with photobucket. i guess i will eventually take it up anyway. i just feel like they've pushed me into a corner and wrung it out of me.


anyways, on with the long-overdue entry:

following the kazu dinner i last posted on, we headed over to alley bar for birthday drinkies with mingster. all absentees from dinner rocked up (except for estherina) and we had a ball. :)

mingster's pressie-opening ceremony was documented by two cameras flashing away, one from yours truly and the other wielded by sal.


so exciting to watch people opening presents! :) ok, so i'm a cheap-thrill.


a lovely birthday loot for a lovely, beautiful friend!


strawberry margaritas at alley bar are truly awesome creations.



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