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blood (again)

mother has cut herself [AGAIN]!

this is her 4th deep cut this year. :s

luckily i was around this time just when she did it (trying to pry open a tin lid which has just been cut open by one of those old-style can-openers... a jagged edge with her bare thumb). i pretty much grabbed her thumb and stopped her bleeding right away with a piece of cotton wool and some povidone iodine, and bandaged her up good and proper. it's a good thing her daughter is mildly hypochondriac and has shitloads of first aid stuff on hand all the time. and by now, i'm getting rather good at taking care of her injuries.

it's funny how everytime she wounds herself, our roles reverse in a split second - she becomes the daughter and i become the mother. she stays meekly quiet while i boss her injured body part around.

i wish she'd stop doing it. :(

心疼 (heartache) everytime.


Tags: injury, mother
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