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i'm now in a 70% empty room. am pissed off. very much so.

it has been a hectic, topsy-turvy 6 days leading up to what was supposedly the finale of my room revamp today. 30 years of stuff were sorted and half were junked. the plan was to throw out more through a second round of sorting when the new cupboards get set up today and i start allocating space.

which, didn't happen.

i woke up bright and early this morning, the day's schedule clear in my head. my old bed would be disassembled and taken away, bigscale shifting of my desk and other misc furniture to their respective new locations would then happen along with hardcore cleaning and wiping along the way, line floor with newspapers and paint one wall which i've plastered myself yesterday (with self-mixed cement) to cover holes where my old shelves had been (i ripped them out yesterday as well). after wall is painted, the floor will be thoroughly cleaned. then, i'll take my time to slowly sort out some more misc items left in one more cupboard to clear and throw away, while waiting for the delivery of my new furniture (three hugeass shelving units and one queen sized bed).

that's how things were supposed to go, according to the delivery time agreed upon by both parties.

one other clear instruction was to ring me an hour before their arrival.

so, i was about halfway through this schedule of events. i was happily lining the floor with newspapers, in fact, about to start painting my wall. it was about 1pm. suddenly, my mother answered the door, and before i knew it, two dudes appeared right behind me in my room, saying "this is where you want the furniture?"


"why are you guys here so early?! why didn't you call me before you come?! you're not supposed to be here so early and you're supposed to call me before you come!! look at my wall!! i'm about to paint it and you're already here!! now what?!"

"someone called you last night what... "

"no one called me about this delivery last night!! anyway, last night is not the same as one hour before!!"

"but they did call you last night... "

"... "

they continued to insist on that moot point. "anyway, you can call and arrange for another time to assemble. don't worry!"

with that, i let them go. nothing more to be done at that point. they left hugeass brown packages all over the living room, passageway and any available space. my queen sized mattress is now in my balcony, blocking out all natural light to the living room. my 2-metre-tall glass cabinet doors are stacked precariously next to the kitchen entrance.

i rang the head office. only to hear that the earliest they would be available to assemble my stuff would be saturday. SATURDAY!! this is meant to be done TODAY goddammit. that's three whole days of living with all this clutter. my family has already been more than a little irritable with all my things stacked all around, and bags and bags of rubbish going out the door etc. now, there are bigass, monstrous boxes that reach almost to the ceiling to live with too!

hounded them three times via phone, still saturday. :(

even if it was all their fucking fault.

so now, i'm stuck. like a plug in a butt. all packing/unpacking has been frozen till new storage becomes available. i will be sleeping on my old mattresss on my empty floor for three nights. this entire mess will remain in limbo till saturday arvo.


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