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i'm alive!

gosh, it's so hard to get an entry up when there's been a stretch of absence! i'm just gonna post a quick one to break the horrible silence in here. :)

i'm happy to report that my room over-haul is 90% complete. all major furniture pieces are up and in place, after at least 3 fuck-arounds (i will tell this story in the future if i remember to... ) and what's left are just the packing and organising of my stuff into their appropriate new corners of residence. i'm lovin' my new bed - have not had the luxury of sprawling while sleeping since moving back to singapore from melbourne till now! :) lovin' the new layout - my space is truly maximised now, with more privacy to boot. my desk is finally at my windows, which is what i've always wanted. i'm taking my time to plan the storage allocation properly, so i don't have to re-pack things in the future to make them work better.

my bigscale room mission has inspired the rest of my family. just when i think the chaos is finally coming to an end, mother has decided to overhaul the living room. then, my brother jumped on the band wagon too, and started working on his room today. more hardcore sorting and packing commenced, and our entire home is in a mess right now! o.o

i'm glad i was the fire-starter, even though i'm so exhausted i can barely stand. cleaning never seems to end... the haze isn't helping either - everything just gets dusty within a day. i've bought myself a dust-buster and it has become my little pet which i walk around my room daily.

some fucktard smokes upstairs and flicks chunks of ash out the windows, which fly in through my windows EVERYDAY, mostly landing on my desk. am quite pissed off about this. i wonder if the town council can do anything about this if i make a complaint. fire hazard you know!

work hasn't stopped totally during this time, even though i was expecting a quiet break for now. :) had a coupla projects which i worked on as my room progressed. not easy but i did it. one more came in yesterday.

alright, this is getting too longwinded for a quick update. hope everyone's well! sorry if my replies/comments have been extremely slow. sometimes i'd miss entries totally as well... many apologies! feel free to scream at me if i've missed out or forgotten something!


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