wtf steve madden?

Dear Steve Madden,

You have some great shoes. Why the hell would you want to start selling FAKE Balenciaga bags? OMG.

I hope this is a (bad) mistake in your management and these monstrosities get removed soon from your boutique in Ion Orchard, Singapore!


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culina bistro

Dinner with Kate on a cool Sunday evening, after I saw that brilliant rainbow...

Escargots were not bad. But still could not topple the Ship's.

The lamb, upon first bite, was excellent. As we progressed through it, it quickly became apparent that it was way too raw. A pity.

Mushrooms and mash to fill our tums because we could not eat all the lamb. On hindsight, we should have saved the space for dessert though these two dishes were not too bad.

Kate and me, with my old hair, that I'm quite missing now...

Culina Bistro
Blk 8 Dempsey Road
#01-13 Dempsey Hill
6474 7338

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retail therapy

Some damage was done today...

The most buttery-soft suede in fire engine red... Where are my little black dresses?

Light denim espadrilles <3

The below looks black but is actually dark denim. Very nautical.

Continuing my obsession with ankle-wrap wedges...

I never thought I'd say this but Charles & Keith shoes are improving in quality and design.

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the book cafe

Had a cup of tea when I met with an acquaintance at The Book Cafe. Only the second time I've been here and the first time I sat outdoors for dinner so it was nice to discover the comfy couches.

The Book Cafe
20 Martin Road #01-02
Seng Kee Building
Robertson Quay
6887 5430

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breeks @ ngee ann city

Lunch with the girls (technically only Kate and I ate, Amanda joined us to chat) at the renovated Breeks at Ngee Ann City. The decor is nice now, more mature, but we prefer the older menu. Nonetheless, we gave it a chance.

The cheese waffle fries were actually really good, except we had to ask for extra cheese because it just wasn't enough for all the waffle fries.

I think the salad wasn't too bad since Kate finished all of it. LOL! That's okay... I was too busy with the fries!

We shared the Salmon and Spaghetti. It wasn't too bad. I thought the spaghetti was quite well done. We could not finish the salmon though. The vege on the side was kinda ho-hum. Maybe the components of this dish didn't gel quite well.

I would maybe drop in again if I wanted a snack of cheese waffle fries and a quiet spot to rest my legs when I'm in the area running errands... They really need to resurrect the garlic mash in the menu though!

Breeks (Ngee Ann City)
#05-29 Ngee Ann City
6738 3368

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another ship meal

Just realised I have a lot of back-log of meals to post! I have been slack. All these were pre-hair-revamp so, no, you are not tripping.

Had a leisurely meal at The Ship after my facial one day. I was totally planning on having 2x 6 of my favourite escargots. But the waitress recommended that I try the scallops. So I did.

Best escargots in the world. I can eat them everyday.

The scallops were good. Not great. Just good. Next time I will stick to my plan of 2x 6 snails.

Also tried the borsch. Could not beat Shashlik's. This one did not have the hearty home-cooked flavour. It was like tasty tomato soup. Not AMAZING BORSCH like Shashlik's.

The Ship (Shaw Centre)
1 Scotts Road #04-34 Shaw Centre
6235 2235

And here's a random maxi dress I tried. Did not buy it but I quite liked it. I'm glad I didn't buy it though. All my dresses are doing nothing in my wardrobe! I love my denim shorts too much.


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good morning!

It's amazing what a good start to a day can do. :)

I was woken up by a scurrying of little paws on my arm. It was Sonic II. I stayed very still and felt him just walking around. He went down my shoulder and bounded off onto my bed. After a bit of exploring, he headed for the wall and wandered around my room.

I hope he sticks around. :)

I don't know how or why but I got into a crazy spring-cleaning mood. Busted a lot of dust bunnies and threw out a lot of junk that accumulated over the last 6 months. Feels absolutely awesome!

Went for a little walk in the arvo, stocked up on yoghurt, ice cream, cheese and chips. All is good in my world right now.

Thanks for the little boost, Sonic II!


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thursday shennanigans

Finally, Mama Kathryn and I made it to Shashlik for lunch...

If I could have borsch everyday, I would be a very happy girl.

We tried the escargots too. No good. Not gonna order it again. The Ship wins hands down in the snail department.

The snails were too large and the flavour of the garlic and butter did not soak into them completely. The fact that they are done on an open platter instead of buried in butter and garlic in pots like other places do, probably makes a big difference.

We then did a spot of tee-shopping at A/X for Mama. Here's me waiting for her in the changing room...

My curls were rather straight that day. I quite like twirling them into two pseudo-pigtails though Mama disapproves. :D

Back view of my top by Jaster Scissorhands.

While redeeming the complimentary carpark voucher, we were told we could have free tickets to go up to Ion Sky. Wheee!

Going up, up and away to the 55th floor!

Here we are!

Mama likes my hair like this... :)

There's a very nice-looking steak restaurant up here, Salt Grill. Looks very elegant indeed! Would be very nice for special dates and occasions.

What a nice little treat it was!

After that, we were off to Hilton to meet Helen...

Got some more mod shots of the new style, Bow, wearing it the long strap way. One shoulder...


Am tempted by an Ardoise Shoulder, which will be perfect as a wristlet for coffeeshop sessions with my B girls.

Also tried some gorgeous wedge sandals!

No damage was done. :)

Then, it was time for tea! At our usual favourite tea joint...

The Chic Tea Set has been changed so patrons can no longer choose sandwiches of their choice. The price has also gone up to $32 from $25. We were not impressed. But we figured out a different way to get the items we want, ala carte. So it wasn't all bad.

After a little romp at Daiso, it was time to head to Dragonfly @ St James Power Station, to support Jaster's gig. It was a fundraiser event for Japan.

Jaster's boyfriend in action...

We finished off with supper of prawn noodles at the retro food centre outside of St James.

It was a long but awesome day!


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